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What are Organic Wines?


The main characteristic of Raw Vine Estate organic wines is that they have been made from grapes that have been grown and harvested organically The vineyards from where Raw Vine Estate grapes are produced are certified organic. This means that no pesticides or chemicals are used in the growing, cultivation and harvesting of the vines from which the grapes are grown. The wines have minimal intervention from the vine to the bottle.

What are the benefits of drinking Organic Wines versus Non-Organic Wines?

Here are three main benefits:

1. Health: Because it is made from grapes free of chemicals pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The wine is more favorable to people who experience allergic reactions to non-organic wines and who are more health conscious. The natural compounds of the grape are maintained that help in the prevention of cancer and lowering of cholesterol. (Dr Harvey E Finkel is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Boston University Medical Centre and Chairman of the Committee on Health of the Society of Wine Educators).

2. Environment: The preservation and sustainability of our natural environment is preserved as a result of organic, bio-dynamic and natural cultivation practices.

3. Taste: Above all, the natural fruit of the grapes from where the wines are made comes through in the natural flavor and taste of the wine that is easy to drink and is very enjoyable.

Do Organic Wines have preservatives?

Unfortunately most organic wines still have a high level of preservative in the form of adding sulfur dioxide, some try and keep this to a minimum. Sulfur is used mainly to ensure wines have extra life and can preserve it’s quality. However superior wine making methods have enabled Raw Vine Estate to produce good quality and great tasting organic wine without the addition of any sulfur dioxide or any other preservatives.

What are Vegan Friendly Wines?

Vegan friendly wines are wines which have been made, without the use of any animal products. Sometimes fish elements, milk product and egg white are used as fining agents in the making of red wine, but are not present in vegan friendly wines.

Are all Preservative Free Wines Organic?

No. There is a misconception that preservative free wines are organic. The key criteria of an organic preservative free wine is the absence of chemicals and pesticides on the vineyard from which they are produced.